I needed to find a hair stylist closer to me. I found Melessa's Ultimate Hair Design in Middletown, DE on the internet. I was skeptical at first, because I don't like switching hair stylists. I was pleased with Melessa's work. She listened to what I wanted and provided expertise that would keep my hair healthy. She was very courteous and professional. I like the privacy of the appointments and no waiting time. She worked on my hair from start to finished, without me having to sit and wait to fit other clients in during my appointment time. It was a wonderful change. I would recommend her to anyone.

Connie B.

I was looking for solutions to enhance my hair. I had just moved back into the area and I had been aware of Melessa's beauty shop for many years, so I decided to speak to Melessa. This was the first time I considered getting extensions for my hair. During the consultation, Melessa was very professional and recognized what solution would help. She matched the color of my hair perfectly. After applying the extensions she cut the hair to the length of my natural hair.

I have received compliments on my hair and have been told that it is hard to see that I have extensions because they blend in so well with my own hair. I am very thankful for Melessa and her skills. It has certainly made me happy and feel better about my appearance.

Judy E.

"I was referred to Melessa by so many people in Middletown, Delaware that I HAD to go to her to get my hair done for the 2012 Mrs. Delaware United States Pageant. Melessa made me feel so special sitting in her chair and even more glamorous after completing my "Megan Good" hair style! She's is a true weaveologist and consummate professional. I'm excited to have her has my stylist during my reign as Mrs. Delaware United States 2012."

Dr. Fran Edwards

I love my hair!!! I get compliments on it everyday. Thank you so much for making me look like Hollywood!!

Kisha C.

Mrs Melessa has done several of my weave installations and I must say, I am always pleased with the result. Melessa is not only fast but efficient with the installation process. My weaves always last a long time while still looking amazing. Melessa truly is the Weaveologist!

Shyla S.

Wow!! Got my hair weaved by Melessa and if looks fabulous! Finally a Stylist who listens to what you want combines her expertise to create a customized look just for you. The atmosphere is relaxing, top notched service and best of all the work is quality. Take it from me, you'll love your hair and so will others!


I am very pleased with my hair stylist and her skillfulness in hair weaving. Melissa has a wide range of hair textures, color and styles. Once the weave choice has been determined she goes to work meticulously creating a beautiful style that will last for weeks. Melissa has been my hair stylist for over ten years, and I am more than happy with her creations with my weave. Melissa treats each of her clients with special care and she spends a lot of time making sure that her clients are pleased with her work. I would recommend anyone to make an appointment with Melissa and see for yourself the transformation she can make with your hair. For those of us that are beginning to show thinning of hair, see Melissa, you will be amazed of your outcome !

For the past five years I have been a client of Melessa. She's professional, courteous and cares more than I do about the way my hair looks and the way I feel before I leave her chair. That's because she takes pride in her work and cherishes the gift God has given her to do all types of hair. When I want to look my best as a professional career woman, it starts with having my hair look its best, styled by Melessa, the Weaveologist Extraordinaire.

Melessa is absolutely Blessed at what she does. Melessa has been doing my hair since 2007, I found her thru an ad in my local newspaper, I needed a beautician that had an excellent quality of services and hair and found all of the above plus more in the services that Melessa provides. My natural hair has never been as long and as healthy as it is now after meeting Melessa. I will never go to anyone else or order my hair from anyone but Melessa.

I love my human hair weave. It is super soft. Melessa did an EXCELLENT job. The braids are just right, firm and tight but not painful. The weave feels secure. I have had many weave installs over the past 10 years, including from stylists in DC and NYC. This is truly the best weave I have ever had.

The hair is genuine, soft, flowing and natural. The installation is perfect and only took about 2 1/2 hours (including washing, braiding and weaving).

Ladies, Melessa is HIGHLY recommended for your next weave install!

My daughter got her hair done here for her 15th birthday. Her hair came out beautiful, healthy, and it lasted a long time. We bought the hair products she used and I swear by them.

Melessa took the time to determine the style and dye the custom color that was best for me. She made the hair fit me and my personality. It looks great and I've gotten so many compliments I feel like a new person. Having your hair by Melessa gives you the confidence that only comes from knowing your hair looks great all day, everyday, no matter what. Biking, swimming and exercising are fun when u don't have think about your hair. Thank you Melessa!

I wanted to wait about a week to submit my review on Melessa's work so that I could tell you how well my hair has held up. I got a full head done and after hearing some horror stories about some truly awful white girl weaves I was scared that my hair would look crazy or not hold up. Melessa FAR surpassed any expectations I might have had. My hair looks so real my friends & coworkers can't believe it. I went from very short hair (maybe 4 or 5 inches) to 18 inch extensions and it all blends seamlessly. I can even wear it in a ponytail & you can't see any of the weft or microlinks. I haven't had any issues with it being uneven & pulling too much in any spots and after brushing & a few washes it hasn't come even a little loose in any spots. She was also very professional and gave me good advice on caring for it so that it will last longer. The entire process 3 packs of hair only took 2 hours. I am so thrilled. Amazing, awesome, fantastic results. Will definitely be going back.

I had radiation when I was 40 and most of the hair on top of my head never grew back. I tried wigs for a while but I was still active in many of my pursuits and needed something that would state on my head if I was in a softball tournament and needed to slide. Also I was single at that time and I will just let your imagination run with that. I tried various people but never have had someone as good and knowledgeable as Melessa. She not only give you a face lift (jst kidding) but her weave lasts a good eight weeks before I need to see her again. She is a great person just to talk with as you go though the process and the first one that did not suggest using glue on my front part of my hair piece as she spotted something and now during summer softball when traveling in tournaments I do not have to run back to the motel to wash my hair to get the glue out or worry about being tossed into the pool and my hair coming off. She is the best in my book and will be in yours also.

Melessa is awesome. Her professionalism was exceptional. She was quick and explained everything as she went along. I did not have a problem making an appointment at the last minute nor did I ever feel rushed. I felt truly pampered and blessed to have come across her website and will continue using her services in the future. My hair came out fantastic. Thanks again Melessa

She is great. I have been going to her for over 2 years now. She is awesome. She has hooked me up !!!!!!!!!!

The level of service at Melessa's Weave Palace is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!

I have entrusted Melessa with my hair for many years. Melessa is a true professional. Not only is she my stylist, but a true friend. I always leave completely satisfied. I trust no one else with my hair, for it is more than looking good, but maintenance and hair care as well. I am a customer for life!

I started out with Melessa and had to move out of the area. Found my way back to her and in between time could not find a hair stylist/specialist who understood hair. Melesa is the true master. She has done wonders with my hair in just the short time that I returned to her. Surprisingly she even remembered who I was which was an added bonus. You cannot go wrong selecting her as your stylist. She is the hair care specialist.


I have been dealing with hair loss in the crown of my head. I saw Mele'ssa's add and decided to call. She took me the same evening. The weave I received 100% net weave is excellent. I hold my head high each and every day. Mele'ssa has changed my life. I feel a whole lot better about myself. Oh, ad let's not forget I look a whole lot better. She is a blessing. She performs miracles. Thank yu for changing my life.


I must admit I was skeptical at first, especially when i heard the price of the hair; and I had to order my hair sight unseen and hope that the color was going to be what I needed.

Mele'ssa said she knew what color and texture would work for my hair and seemed like she only spent 2 minutes looking at it. However, I am so glad I went with her suggestion/expertise---my weave is wonderful and an exact match!!

All I can say is take a chance, it is worth it!

Thanks again Mele'ssa!





I've never been happier with my hair!! Thank u!!

K. Smith

Melissa's is the best place to go for any type of weave! Her work is excellent! She will transform you! I wouldn't go any where else!

K. Brewster

I met Melessa Brown about 3 years ago. I had some hair loss in the crown of my head that would not grow back. I was wearing wigs for about 2 years before I met her which just made the damage alot worse. I was deployed to Iraq in October 2008 for 13 months and Melessa put a full net weave in for me. It was human hair and with her guidance I was able to keep the weave in for the entire time. When I returned from Iraq she switched to the lace front weave glued in. She has been using the Nutriol Hair Fitness Treatment to promote hair growth and it is definitely working wonders. Now I have enough to hair to cover the troubled area that we thought would not grow back at all. I thank God I stumbled across her ad one day in the paper because she has truly been a blessing to me. She has given me back that confidence that I lost when my hair started coming out and I truly appreciate the gift that she shares with so many. We need her to continue the great work that she is doing.